Azienda agrituristica IL PICCOZZO
Campagna Capoluogo
Località Piccozzo, 113
56035 Casciana Terme Lari (Pisa) ITALY
Phone: (+39) 0587.649.209
Caterina: (+39) 331.2999.202
Monica: (+39) 347.335.1760

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Piccozzo tour


Piccozzo Agritourism lays between two hills just three km outside of Casciana Terme, in the middle of the woods 370 metres above sea level, it’s the perfect place to relax and breath fresh air.
In it’s 17,94 hectares, the propriety is surrounded by green fields, fruit trees, olive trees and flowers; every season brings his colours and paints everything till the horizon.



The two available apartments offer a wonderful landscape and many spots from where you can admire what the nature gifts us; a glass of wine and a good book are what you’ll need if you want a shelter from caos, alternately a set table under the sun or the gazebo it’s the ideal to spend some time with your family and friends, or maybe a pleasant bath in the Jacuzzi with your significant other could be the perfect start for a romantic weekend far away from the city.



But relax and silence are not the only things that Piccozzo agritourism can offer you, in fact its excellent position gives you the chance to get to know and explore Tuscany. It is only one hour from Pisa, Livorno, Volterra, San Gimignano, Lucca e Firenze and just an hour and half from Siena and Monteriggioni.
To reach these locations there is the possibility of going by train from the station of Pontedera, a small city near Casciana Terme, or you can also use the bus service.



The gravel roads that lead straight to the heart of the woods are perfectly walkable and great for long walks under the shadows of the trees, perhaps with a bit of luck you will find some mushrooms during fall or some asparagus in the springtime or even see a few fawns or foxes.



The family run farmstead produces bio extravirgin olive oil, the olives are harvested from the trees around the house at the beginning of october and then are processed and crushed with the olive press of the propriety.
The harvest is the best time to gather friends and family to help out and tradictionally the work is followed by great locally produced goods based meals as a reward for the hard effort.



In the backyard there is a Jacuzzi for five people, with adjustable water temperature to refresh in the hot summer day and warm up in the cold winter, to increase the relax all it takes is to turn on the water jets in the pool and let go of all the stress.



The well maintained lawn is perfect for those who want to rest after a bath, just take a bath sheet or a chair sit down and relax listening the sound of nature.



The wood is vast and is just waiting to be explored, there are greavel roads right for taking walks and perfect locations for romantic picnics under the tall trees.



The weather is moderate all year round, this thanks to the hills that surround the place but mostly because of the effect of the sea, in fact the nearest sea side locations are just an half hour away, Rosignano and Castioglioncello are within easy reach and are suited for a swim in the sea or for a long walk on the beach.



The proximity to the sea and to the countryside makes Piccozzo the best choice for every kind of holiday, come visit us and let yourself be enchanted by the green heart of Tuscany.



The building dates back to the XI-XII century, it was built under the control of Gran Contessa Matilde di Canossa, a powerful feudal lady and supporter of the papacy, she was a significant figure during the Italian Middle Age.
In 1076 she got ownership of a vast territory in Emilia, Romagna, Lombardia and Tuscany, wich had its centre in Canossa, in the Reggiano Appennines.



The rock house was used as fire tower and farmhouse by the Contessa, who visited often Casciana Terme for the beneficial hot springs.



The farmhouse was abandoned for a long time, but its sturdy walls resisted the invasion of the surrounding nature.



In 1989 Monica Poggianti and Claudio Cantini decide to take a chance on the old house and with their savings they start to work on the building to make it their new home, it’s not easy to make such an old ruin fit for living but they both come from hard working and carpenter families so they never give up and try their best.
Monica has a love for gardening so she plants jasmines, roses, succulent plants, petunias and pansies all round the house to make it more colourful and welcoming.
Claudio faces his fear of heights to repaire the roof and leaves the wooden boards visible and makes them part of the renovation plan to maintain some of the historic feeling of the place.
In 1994, after many works, the agritourism is inaugurated, Piccozzo Agritourism, one the first in the area, at an high altitude, immersed in the green woods and always more thoughtful of the nature, indeed the solar panels and the small windmill make it possible to use green energy and even the laundry soap and the washing powder are eco-friendly.



Monica and Claudio’s dream is to share their love for nature and tranquility with many others, they guarantee a quiet, sweet and warm stay among the fresh breeze of the sea and the scent of the wildflowers.



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